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Liposonix Non-surgical Lipo

We are now pleased to offer the non-surgical liposuction alternative known as Liposonix in our Los Angeles plastic surgery office. Call our plastic surgery patient care coordinator to discuss your options for liposuction, liposuction revision, liposculpture, or Liposonix. Dr. Karamanoukian is also an expert in revision liposuction and revision liposculpture procedures that can improve contour rippling and indentations on the skin from previous liposuction procedures by other surgeons. 

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What is the Liposonix Treatment?  


Everyone has unwanted fat somewhere on there body, regardless of how physically fit you are or metabolically active you are.  Certain patterns of fat accumulation are regulated by our cortisol levels, hormones, genetics, and metabolic level.  For those areas that are not responsive to normal diet and exercise, there are several methods to remove excess fat from the body.  Most people are aware of a surgical technique, although minimally invasive, known as liposuction.  Liposuction is a surgical procedure in which small incisions are placed on the skin in order to meticulously remove unwanted fat with small suction-assisted cannullas.  Liposuction is ideal for patients who do not want to undergo major body contouring surgery such as a tummy tuck, body lift, arm lift, or thigh lift.  


The United States FDA also has approved a new technique that can remove unwanted pockets of fat without any surgery.  This procedure is known as Liposonix and is predicted to dramatically revolutionize the way body sculpting will be performed in the coming decade.  Many plastic surgeons believe that the Liposonix system will one day replace major surgery for body sculpting.  


The Liposonix works by directed a safe High Intensity Focused Ultrasound underneath the skin to the unwanted layer of fat.  Within a few minutes, the fat layer is permanently disrupted, causing the body to eventually absorb the fat within a few weeks.  The benefits of Liposonix are that no needles or surgery are required and there is no need for general anesthesia.


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There are some patients who have undergone previous liposuction only to find that they have resultant contour ripples and indentations in their skin.  One of the most common reasons to undergo revision liposuction is undercorrection of fat from the abdomen and waistline, a problem that can be addressed during your consultation for liposuction revision in Santa Monica with Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian.  Liposuction revision can address overaggressive liposuction or undercorrection of fat during liposuction.  Dr. Karamanoukian is one of Hollywood's premier plastic surgeons and has been featured on multiple media outlets describing his unique approach to liposuction and liposuction correction.  Liposuction revision can sometimes be performed with Liposonix in a small group of patients with good skin tone and over two centimeters of residual fat along the midline and lateral waist. 

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